Become a MobileNAV Partner

Partner benefits

You can…
  • join without partner fee
  • extend portfolio with a customizable mobile solution
  • make margin on selling MobileNAV
  • generate extra income on implementations
  • reach new customers needing mobility

Partner features

You can…
  • customize mobile workflow effortlessly
  • access training materials
  • ask support questions
  • download marketing materials
  • install on-premise MobileNAV for demo and internal purposes
To become an official MobileNAV reseller, the partner needs to sign a MobileNAV Partner Contract. After signing the Partner Contract, MultiSoft will grant access to MobileNAV Add-on granule in Microsoft VOICE, so that the partner will be able to update his developer license, and he can order MobileNAV Add-on into his customer’s license.


The margin on the MobileNAV Client App. License depends on sold licenses and maintenance of the MobileNAV Client App. Licenses.
  • Basic Level – 30% commission on MobileNAV Client App. Licenses.
  • Silver Level – 35% commission on MobileNAV Client App. Licenses.
  • Gold Level – 40% commission on MobileNAV Client App. Licenses.
Note: There is 25% commission on maintenance of MobileNAV Client App. License, the standard margin is applicable for the other two components at Microsoft.The level of the partner is supervised yearly by MultiSoft, and the margin for the next year will be adjusted accordingly. In the first year of the contract the partner can reach the Silver or Gold level earlier.General Terms for Partner Agreement


Our partner portal offers online access to MobileNAV partner materials, like latest releases, training materials, etc. Furthermore support requests or bug reports can be initiated and tracked there as well.Support information:
  • Time to respond to support request: 24 hour
  • Times and availability:
    • Email and helpdesk: 24/7
    • Phone: weekdays 9 am -17 pm GMT
  • Support contact:


  • Self-training material
  • 3 day long training package
    • online
    • at MultiSoft site
    • at partner site
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