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MobileNAV 4.5 release

The MobileNAV team puts immense emphasis on development based on feedback from partners and end-users. We strive for including as many enhancement ideas as possible in our product, in the light of which MobileNAV version 4.5 was enriched with several long-awaited functions.

Client app and Add-on improvements:

  • Offline cockpit: with this feature the mobile users can upload all offline modifications into a staging table of MobileNAV. With this approach the mobile user should not be bothered with the NAV validation errors during synchronization. An offline administrator can check and apply the offline changes into to NAV database conveniently.
  • Enhanced FieldControl: we have further improved the feature set of the famous FieldControl feature which enables the configurator to change the card layout dynamically. The current feature set contained show/hide, make read-only, close card, next card and show message commands. Now we have extended this with add new, open existing, refresh parent, refresh child and a combined set field properties command, which can set the field’s visibility, editability, caption, caption color and value color dynamically.
  • Enhanced UI customization: MobileNAV is a highly customizable product, but we still found some areas, where we used built-in, non-configurable UI elements, like filter, sort or refresh buttons on lists, refresh and hide fields or navigation on cards. Now you can also customize the presence of these buttons in the configuration, so if you do not want to see/enable them then you can simply turn these features off. Additionally now you can fully control the title of the list and card pages. For example you can turn off the default “New” button for cards which can be opened directly from the Main Menu.
  • Cacheable PDF, Excel, File: with these three new MobileTypes you can configure cacheable files with MobileNAV, so you can pre-download, for instance, product manuals in PDF.
  • Parametrizable GPS Tracking: from this version you can fully configure the GPS Tracking parameters. Previously the MobileNAV client recorded a GPS coordinate in every minute if the distance between the last position was at least a 100 meters, and uploaded the coordinates to the server every 5 minutes. Now you can change these parameters in MobileNAV General Setup.

Base configuration improvements:

  • Sales Invoices: we have added the standard Sales Invoices to the MobileNAV base configuration, so now you can create and print Sales Invoice from MobileNAV in both online and offline mode.
    • Fast line creation with barcode scanning
    • Signature capture
    • Release/Reopen functions
    • Send/Cancel Approval functions
    • Post/Post & Print functions
  • Interactions: now the standard Interactions are also available in MobileNAV base configuration, so you can register phone calls in both online or offline mode. Interactions can be accessed from the main menu, or from Contact or Company card.

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