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Coming soon: MobileNAV version 4.6

The latest version of MobileNAV (version 4.6) is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2017, which will include a number of useful new features for the users.

One of the most important features is Automatic Offline Synchronization, which uploads changes to the server made in offline mode without user interaction, if the device detects data connection. Naturally this updates the client-side database with server-side changes.

The other significant feature of the latest version is NFC Tag Management, which makes it possible for the MobileNAV application to read NFC tags in addition to one- and two-dimensional barcodes. NFC tags are becoming more and more widespread since they can store a lot more data than standard barcodes and the tag is rewriteable meaning that it does not need to be reprinted unlike QR codes.

Last but not least, MobileNAV receives a new design in version 4.6, which will give the application a lot more simple and modern look. For a little teaser, go to our website at

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