Frequently asked questions

MobileNAV has 3 components:
  • The Client
  • The NAV Add-on
  • The Configuration
Demo Client connects to MobileNAV Demo Server from all around the world.
You can restore the connection by clicking the MobileNAV icon in the top left corner of the client.
The application connects to the demo server by default. To connect to your own NAV system, you also need server-side components.
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The mobile solution supports Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 and latest versions. A technical upgrade is required to work with previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For more information, click here.
Yes. We provide continuous support for the latest NAV versions, therefore with the upcoming release of NAV version, a compatible MobileNAV version will also be available.
The MobileNAV solution runs on Android, iOS, Windows CE/Mobile, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 platforms. For more information, see the Overview page.
Yes, the solution is available with a base configuration, which can be customized as necessary. For customization, only the existing NAV clients are required – there is no need for a separate developer device – and with minimal NAV developer knowledge even the end-user can perform the customization.
Only minimal NAV developer knowledge is required, including page design and minimal C/AL programming skills. Experienced NAV end-users can easily do the customization themselves.
Only working in online mode requires always-on access, but the MobileNAV solution can also work in offline mode.
Yes, Dynamics NAV version 2013 R2 and latest versions-fully supports Azure and, naturally, MobileNAV can also run in the cloud.
The solution is fully customizable. Standard functionality is stored in a server-side configuration file, which is customizable as necessary. Dues to the server-side configuration, there is no need for any development on the mobile device. With simply logging out and then logging in, the server-side configuration change is also available in the client app.
A MobileNAV server-side requirements are identical to the NAV Service Tier requirements. Depending on the number of users, the number of Service Tiers can be increased.
The standard Page Web Service interface of Microsoft Dynamics NAV (SOAP services) is used. MobileNAV users must provide their Windows login credentials, therefore NTLM authentication is in place. The communication channel can be secured with SSL encryption.
The implementation of the base MobileNAV configuration requires 2-3 days.

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